Friday, August 26, 2011

It has begun...

Skyler on his first day of Kindergarten :'(

It has begun, the signing of permission forms, parent teacher confrences and back to school nights. Skyler has only been in school for 1 week and I have already signed 5 papers. I sure do feel old. My baby is growing up too fast. Doesn't he know I don't have another one to replace him yet? 

Can't he stay little like this? He was so damn cute...

All in all though I took it a lot better than I thought I would and Skyler loves it. He came home the other day and was complaining that he didn't have any homework yet. So I told him his homework could be cleaning his disaster of a room. I am so mean. I even attempted to be the perfect all American mom and had cookies and milk waiting for him on the days that I didn't work. 

So here's to the next 13 years of school, all of the permission forms, parent teacher confrences, and back to school nights that I am sure will come. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The other day I had this bright idea to let Skyler's bunny hop around in the chicken run while the chickens were out. This turned out to be problematic. The bunny found the hole to get under the chicken coop and decided to stay there.
 For 2 hours. So for 2 hours Miss Moo and I stood by the chicken coop waiting for this damn bunny to come out. We tried coaxing him out with fresh grass and water. He would come out, we were just too slow to catch him when he did. 

We were finally to the point where we were about ready to give up when dad got home from work. It took him 2 minutes to catch the little shit. He was our hero and at the same time made us feel like total idiots. 

Oh and did I mention that we had to be around the killer chickens? We all know how much the chickens don't like me. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Strep Hits AGAIN!

Yesterday was a fun filled day of doctors offices. My poor baby went in for his kindergarten shots. Now I know all kids scream and squirm. Is this really necessary though? Oh well it is done and he doesn't have to get anymore until he goes into 7th grade. WOO HOO!!! Just pray I don't lose his immunization records. Knowing me I will.

The day then proceeded as normal. He went to a friends house while I 'helped' my friend build an awning. I got a call a little while later saying my poor Skyler had a fever and was crying for his mommy (can I just say him crying for his mommy while upset is like a first) So of course I raced to pick him up and dragged him into the doctor. Because I panic about these things. It was a good thing I did. The poor thing had strep like you wouldn't believe.  It had started to crawl onto the roof of his mouth. So the sweet doctor wrote him a prescription and one for me since I am so prone to getting them. Lets pray that taking the meds will keep me from getting it. 

Poor kid felt so sickie he fell asleep sitting up while watching cartoons.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

The time has come. The time that I have been dreading. The time to, to, to register Skyler for kindergarten. FUDGE! This makes me feel so many emotions. None of which are good. 

First of all I am far too young to have a child going to school. I am only going to be 25 when he starts school. And I know that there have been plenty of other mommies who have been younger than I am when their children start school. That is not the point. I am too young end of story. 

Secondly. I had always planned on being out of my parents house and making it before this day came. I am further away now than I was when I moved in with my parents. Not good. I am a complete failure and this registration is just making it obvious to me. 

So, maybe it is time that mommy goes back to school too. I feel that is the only option I have. Since there is no handsome cowboy riding in on his big black horse to sweep me off my feet and carry me to his ranch in the boonies. Not yet at least. I am not giving up on that dream ;)

Failed Gyozas...

Today I attempted a dinner that my ex-husbands mother used to make. It was always super delicious. They are called Gyozas. I have been wanting some for a while. So since I am on good terms with her (because she is the most amazing person ever) I sent her an e-mail requesting the recipe for awesomeness. 

Mine didn't turn out so awesome. There were so many things that went wrong that, well, it just goes to show that I should stay within my culinary limits. 

First I made the big mistake of getting egg rolls instead on won-tons. Something I didn't know: They are different sizes. Egg rolls are bigger. We got passed this little dilemma. 

But because its my life of course a new one appeared. They stuck to the pan. Why I am not sure but I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that the pan was not non-stick. So once I found a non-stick pan we were in business. Until I used far too much oil. Now I don't know if you knew this or not, probably not since I didn't tell you, but gyozas are a Japanese dish. They aren't supposed to be greasy, and yet they were. 

All in all they turned out to be good. Just a little greasy. I just need to remember next time to buy smaller wraps, use a non-stick pan, and use less grease. 

This was my first batch. I will be calling it Gyoza Casserole.