Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The other day I had this bright idea to let Skyler's bunny hop around in the chicken run while the chickens were out. This turned out to be problematic. The bunny found the hole to get under the chicken coop and decided to stay there.
 For 2 hours. So for 2 hours Miss Moo and I stood by the chicken coop waiting for this damn bunny to come out. We tried coaxing him out with fresh grass and water. He would come out, we were just too slow to catch him when he did. 

We were finally to the point where we were about ready to give up when dad got home from work. It took him 2 minutes to catch the little shit. He was our hero and at the same time made us feel like total idiots. 

Oh and did I mention that we had to be around the killer chickens? We all know how much the chickens don't like me. 

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