Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

The time has come. The time that I have been dreading. The time to, to, to register Skyler for kindergarten. FUDGE! This makes me feel so many emotions. None of which are good. 

First of all I am far too young to have a child going to school. I am only going to be 25 when he starts school. And I know that there have been plenty of other mommies who have been younger than I am when their children start school. That is not the point. I am too young end of story. 

Secondly. I had always planned on being out of my parents house and making it before this day came. I am further away now than I was when I moved in with my parents. Not good. I am a complete failure and this registration is just making it obvious to me. 

So, maybe it is time that mommy goes back to school too. I feel that is the only option I have. Since there is no handsome cowboy riding in on his big black horse to sweep me off my feet and carry me to his ranch in the boonies. Not yet at least. I am not giving up on that dream ;)

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