Thursday, March 17, 2011

Strep Hits AGAIN!

Yesterday was a fun filled day of doctors offices. My poor baby went in for his kindergarten shots. Now I know all kids scream and squirm. Is this really necessary though? Oh well it is done and he doesn't have to get anymore until he goes into 7th grade. WOO HOO!!! Just pray I don't lose his immunization records. Knowing me I will.

The day then proceeded as normal. He went to a friends house while I 'helped' my friend build an awning. I got a call a little while later saying my poor Skyler had a fever and was crying for his mommy (can I just say him crying for his mommy while upset is like a first) So of course I raced to pick him up and dragged him into the doctor. Because I panic about these things. It was a good thing I did. The poor thing had strep like you wouldn't believe.  It had started to crawl onto the roof of his mouth. So the sweet doctor wrote him a prescription and one for me since I am so prone to getting them. Lets pray that taking the meds will keep me from getting it. 

Poor kid felt so sickie he fell asleep sitting up while watching cartoons.

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